Free Christmas Tree Coloring Page

Plooshi helps families create festive holiday moments with their free printable cute Christmas tree coloring page. This cheery illustration shows a charming snow-dusted evergreen tree covered in bright ornaments, and twinkling garland strands.

This delightful page allows kids’ creativity to shine as they color in details like each unique ornament, gift boxes below the tree ready to be opened, the birds’ feathers and fur patterns of the frolicking animals. Children can decorate using glitter gel pens, standard markers and crayons, or even add real cotton puffs as snow accents and sequins to embellish with sparkling textures. Download this activity sure to craft big smiles and set imaginations aglow thinking about the most wonderful day of the year soon approaching. Sweet memories will be made coloring together by the twinkling lights of your family tree.

Christmas Tree Coloring Page Printable