Free Race Car Coloring Page

Plooshi speeds up children’s creativity and motor skills development with their race car coloring illustration. This bright page shows an adorable anthropomorphic stock car with big eager eyes, a cute mouth, oversized tires, bold colors, flashy decals along the sides, and a giant winged spoiler on its back ready for creative decoration.

Kids can color details like the cute facial expressions, tire treads, car vents, racing insignia and number paneling. They can even draw crowds in a stadium, pit crews, victory lane ribbons or a racetrack looping behind for the personable vehicle to speed around. Decorate using markers, colored pencils, crayons or embellish with checkered prints, glitter glue pen stripes and dot stickers. Parents, ignite your tiny race fans’ passion even more by rewarding progress with this downloadable page for an imagination Grand Prix! Their one-of-a-kind racer rendition will finish in first place creatively.

Free Race Car Coloring Page Printable