Free T-Rex Coloring Page

Plooshi stomps creativity to life with their delightful printable baby Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring page. This friendly illustration shows an adorable pint-size T-Rex smiling wide full of joy and wonder with sharp tiny teeth peeking through and scaly textured skin.

Kids can let their imagination run wild selecting vibrant colors for the dinosaur’s scales, underbelly, toothsome grin, twinkling eyes, and optional scenery like green jungle leaves, fiery volcanoes, or meteor showers in the sky. The prehistoric scene allows hours of creativity using art supplies like markers, colored pencils, crayons, or brush pens. Add glitter accents or colorful patterns if desired for dazzling, dreamy results! Download this page to spark roaring imaginative success while little paleontologists hone motor skills. Then display your tiny T-Rex creation proudly!

Free T Rex Coloring Page Printable