Free Cat Coloring Page

Plooshi helps young artists’ creativity purr with delight using their delightful kitty coloring page. This affectionate illustration shows an endearing wide-eyed feline with perky ears, sensitive whiskers, folded paws and fluffy swishing tail begging to blossom with lively color.

Children can develop their artistic vision while honing fine motor skills by selecting vivid hues and patterns for the eyes, ears, nose, collar, and the cat’s textured fur coat. They might also draw strings, balls, stuffed mice or bowls of treats for the cute kitty to playfully interact with. Decorating tools include crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint or fun embellishments like yarn, fuzzy craft pompoms, foam and glitter glue if desired. Reward your mini Monet for focusing during homework time by downloading this creative page sure to deliver colorful cuddly kitten success framed proudly on the fridge when complete!

Free Cat Coloring Page Printable