Free Leprechaun Coloring Page

Plooshi helps kids discover pots of creativity gold this St. Patrick’s Day with their delightful coloring page featuring Larric the Lucky Leprechaun. Smiling gently in rainbow stripes holding his bejeweled cauldron, his charming illustration shows off a puffy green jacket, bright buckled shoes, belled pointy hat, fiery curly beard cascading down and an emerald four-leaf clover gripped hopefully promising fortunes for those designing him colorfully.

Let your mini artists imagination run free selecting vivid hues for Larric’s entire outfit from head to toe including fun textures like metallic coins or glittery rainbows. Kids might also draw Larric’s elusive home – whether a fantasy woodland cottage, stump bungalow or giant oak tree hollow. Reward classroom kindness by downloading this emerald-eyed fellow sure to end in gold at the creativity rainbow ready for framing!

Free Leprechaun Coloring Page Printable